Libra August 2014 Horoscope

Libra August 2014 Horoscope

The movement of Mercury in your Zodiac shall boost your intuition capability and sixth sense. Later half of August have this ability of yours coming out strongly. The month is going to be good on most aspects. Create your goals and keep yourself focused on them.

Time is good for fun and frolic, making new friends. Libra horoscope says that second week of August will have its focus on enjoyment and socializing. You might also plan a small tour with friends/family to a nearby location.

Although there will not be any dearth of finances, you will have to learn investing it more wisely. Libra people are big spenders and you need to keep a check on that, especially in August 2014. Your horoscope advises you to maintain notes of all your expenses, compare it with you income and then plan accordingly.

Any new investment/work/project should be started before 10th of August.

Spend good time on yourself, improving your personality, increasing your skill set. You will get ample time and opportunity to work on these.

Be very careful while driving in first week and between 20th and 22nd of August 2014..  

Virgo August 2014 Horoscope

Virgo August 2014 Horoscope

The month is going to be challenging for most of the Virgo people. Your negative planets will be strengthening this month and your own planet, Mercury will not be able to justify itself. This unstable planetary condition will result in flow of both positive and negative energies. Powers of Neptune and Venus might create unwanted situations in your life this August, dear Virgo. Best strategy would be to avoid any untowards situation and go slow on whatever you do.

Work and Business will be no different. Difficulties will not let you go away from them in August 2014. Altercations with the management might reach to such an extent, that you will have to think of other opportunities. Now since you are aware of the happenings in advance, the best strategy to adopt would be not to interfere in other’s business and do your work with full perfection. Don’t give a chance to your colleagues/managers to point fingers on you.

Those in love should avoid approaching the love of their life this August.Virgo people need to wait for time to get right. Time would be tougher for couples who have just started their relationships. Middle of the might might play havoc to their relationships.

Advise of HoroscopesForever for Virgo in August 2014 would be to wait and watch and let the boat of difficult time sail through.

Leo August 2014 Horoscope

Leo August 2014 Horoscope

The presence of Sun and Mercury with have their focus on your zodiac throughout the month.  These days will be more focused on things/actions that give you happiness and pleasure.  Be it going places on a holiday or flirting with the person you like, you will enjoy every moment of it.

Leo August 2014 Career Horoscope
Since all your strong planets are sitting at beneficial positions, work and career will be altogether good throughout the month. This is the time when your actions will be visible to the people around you. Your results will speak by themselves. Leo people just need to be ensure not to indulge in office politics, especially between 19 to 23rd of August. Be doubly sure of what you speak with people above you.

Leo August Horoscope 2014 Money and Finance
Leaving aside the time till 8th August, days are looking good in terms of money. Although improved finances are foreseen, you also need to be well aware of places where your re investing your money in.  Don’t rush for doing investments, that you have good amount lying idle in your bank account.

Leo August 2014 for Love and Relationships
Presence of Sun in your 1st house will bring Charm to your personality. You will be more attractive for people around you. Leo August 2014 Horoscope says that Chances are high that someone from your workplace might express his/her crush on you.  Couples who are already in a relationship, let things go smooth and don’t over expect from your partner.

Beware of your health between 21st and 26th of August. Be careful while you drive!

Gemini August 2014 Horoscope

Gemini Augsut 2014 Horoscope

Planetary position for Gemini zodiac sign will create a not so positive combination this Augst 2014. You should be ready for difficulties arising in front of you from the very start of the month. More important will be resolving these issues that will keep on coming ahead of you as soon as possible . The presence of Jupiter and Venus will enhance even a minuscule situation to a volcano.

Gemini Career and Work Horoscope for August 2014

One of the most affected spheres of your life will be your work font.  You will have to be as low profile as possible this month. Time between 6th and 19th is very crucial for any unwanted situation to pop up. Keep away from any office politics and don’t trust people around you. Those in business should not rely on current circumstances and keep their eyes and ears open on external scenarios. You too should be very careful while delegating some work to your team mates. Don’t plan any investments throughout the month. Keep focused on what you are doing/.

Gemini  Love Horoscope August 2014

Situation on love and relationship front will not be any different.  Don’t be amazed if you are not invited to celebrations and get together with friends. Couples will have a lot of misunderstanding leading to heated arguments and fights. The best option is to let the time pass away, be silent and not jump into any early conclusions about future. At home too, Gemini horoscope for August advises you learning to listen. Think a lot before  you speak, especially between 19th and 25th of the month.


Cancer August 2014 Horoscope

Cancer August 2014 Horoscope
People with Cancer Zodiac sign will  be very active this month, thanks to the presence of Sun and Mars in your  third home. Most of you shall bring out that creative self of yours this August 2014. Introspection of your future will provide you with right path. Time is also good for family and relationships.

Cancer Horoscope for Work and Career
As the planet Mars is sitting in your positive home this August, expect a good month ahead! You will yourself be surprised by the level of innovative thoughts you shall put on the table. Later half of the month is crucial. Cancer horoscope for August 2014 advises you to verify all information that you get. Don’t believe on the sayings of your colleagues/team mates.

Money and Finance for Cancer in August 2014
Your bank account will grow during the month. Sources of income will be many. You shall gain from short term investments that you made in the past. Those investing in Stock Market shall benefit from bull run. Investments made in this month for business purposes shall give good gains in the long run. Time between 16th to 27th is great for money and finance.

Cancer August 2014 Horoscope for Relationships
Love and Romance shall  blossom in the first half of August till 15th. Couples will enjoy the time together. Tussles will be less and understanding shall develop. Time after 17th August will be good for family and friends.  Short trip with family members is foreseen.

Taurus August 2014 Horoscope

Taurus August 2014 Horoscope

With the presence of Sun on your zodiac, Taurus will be one of the only zodiac signs that will have positive energy throughout the month. Although you will have your share of problems, this will not deter the level of motivation in you.
At work, Taurus Horoscope advises you not to jump on conclusions based on emotions. Pluto, eyeing your work and entrepreneurship, will not let it bloom. Stay focused to your current work and don’t let your thoughts roam around in search of new opportunities, especially till 22nd of August.  Chances of a professional conflict with colleague or senior, is foreseen.  Now that we have cautioned you beforehand, try not to indulge in any talk that turns into argument. Avoid any loose talk for anyone.

August 2014 will be a month dedicated to developing relationships and spending time with family. Mars in your 4th house increases the chances of renovation at home/workplace. Time till 10th of August is good for family get together. You will have a hectic schedule going places to friends and family!
On love front, situation might improve between couples who are having differences of opinion. One of you needs to maintain his/her calm in order to work out a mutual understanding. The onus lies on you to maintain a smooth sailing boat.

August 2014 horoscope for Taurus people wishes you luck for every situation!

Aries August 2014 Horoscope

Aries August 2014 Horoscope

August 2014 will be an easy sailing month for most of the Aries people. Presence of Mars and Saturn facing each other, could keep you engrossed in your work. Movement of Jupiter around your zodiac will highlight whatever you  throughout the month.

Aries August 2014 Horoscope for Work and Business

Exciting August awaits you my dear! August will be one of the  best months you shall experience at work and business. Many of you shall get the kind of offers that you have only dreamt of, dear Aries!. Keep your fingers crossed in the later half of month. Those in business should go all out and try new ideas. Benefits are sure to come!

Aries August 2014 Horoscope – Money and Finance

Earn and spend, is what is foreseen by Aries horoscope for the month of August. Presence of Venus in your 8th place showcases good investments doing rounds. Time between 4th to 13th will be good for short term money making. This is also the opportune time to invest in immovable property.

Aries love Horoscope- August 2014

Love and Romance is in the air! Almost the whole month is exciting in terms of developing new relationships. All those who are hesitating to express themselves need to muster courage and say everything you have in your heart! Don’t be surprised if you see heads turning towards you this August 2014!

Enjoy the good time!