Aries March 2012 Horoscope, Aries March 2012

Aries people have survived being a part of the team. This is the opportune time to come to the front and show some leadership skills of yours. Let your creativity flow and don’t let others take credit of your work, says the Aries March 2012 horoscope. Working professionals should keep in mind that second quarter is the golden opportunity to come in the good books of management and gain in the long run.

Business people too will be very busy chalking out the growth plans for their organization. You are advised not to be overly aggressive and recruit people after putting a lot of thought and working. It is going to be a very busy month traveling for work, spending more time at office than home.

Those looking for career change need to act fast as you will be getting a good opportunity at work.

On the personal front, Aries people will be facing a tough time doing things that they themselves feel is inappropriate. Aries horoscope for March 2012 advises these people to learn when to say ‘no’ to things and ‘enough’ to people.

There is lot of resentment building at home with your life partner. Try spending good quality time with your partner and learn understanding him/her. Believe you me, relations will be much better and lovely afterwards, says the Aries March 2012 horoscope.

Have a great going month of March ahead!

Gemstone and Metals,Mantra for Gemstone

Listed below are the Gemstones and the metal that it should be set in, along with the Mantra for each of the Gemstones.
Ruby Gemstone:
Carats:3 to 5
Metal :Gold
Finger to be worn: Ring
Day: Sunday
Mantra : Om Suryaya Namah

Pearl Gemstone: For Moon
Carats:2 to 11
Finger to be worn: Right hand little finger
Day: Monday
Mantra : Om Som Somaya Namah

Emrald Gemstone: For Planet Mercury
Metal:Silver or Brass
Finger to be worn: Right hand first finger
Day: Wednesday or Friday
Mantra : Om Bum Budhaaya Namah

Diamond Gemstone: For Planet Venus
Metal:Silver or Platinum
Finger to be worn: Right hand first finger
Mantra : Om Shum Shukraya Namah

Red Coral Gemstone: For Planet Mars
Metal:Gold or copper
Finger to be worn: Right hand first finger
Day:Monday, Tuesday
Mantra : Om Ang Angaarkaya Namah

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone: For Planet Jupiter
Finger to be worn: Right hand first finger
Mantra : Om Graam Greem Grom Sah Guruve Namah

Blue Sapphire Gemstone: For Planet Saturn
Metal:Mixture of Eight Metals or Iron
Finger to be worn: Right hand second finger
Mantra : Om Praam Preem Prom Sah Shaniyee Namah

Hessonite Gemstone (Gomedh): For Planet Rahu
Metal:Mixture of Eight Metals
Finger to be worn: Right hand middle finger
Mantra : Om bhraam bhreem bhrom Sah Rahavee Namah

Cats’ Eye Gemstone (Lehsunia): For Planet Ketu
Finger to be worn: Little finger
Mantra : Om sraam sreem srom Sah Ketave Namah

Process of wearing a Gemstone, How to wear a Gemstone

The basic process of wearing a Gemstone starts by the day prescribed for wearing a Gemstone. Listed below are the days when a Gemstone should be worn.

Yellow Sapphire-Thursday
Blue Sapphire-Saturday
Red coral-Tuesday-
Cats’ Eye-Saturday
White Sapphire-Friday

Choosing the ring:-
You first need to choose appropriate ring for the gemstone. The ring should have an open base so that the Gemstone touches your skin. One can get the maximum benefit only when the Gemstone is in direct contact of your skin. Try out the ring to check whether It fits on your finger properly.

Purification of Gemstone:-
Purification of Gemstone is done to remove any negative energy or impurities that might be present in it. The impurities can occur because of processing or touching by people with negative energy. For purification, one can immerse the gemstone in Holy water or unprocessed/unboiled milk.

The final step is wearing the Gemstone is wearing it early morning, on the above mentioned days. One should ideally enchant the mantras after taking a bath and then wear the Gemstone.

Cats Eye Gemstone, Lehsunia Effects

Catseye, or Lehsunia as this stone is known, is found on certain stones.

It is named so because of the presence of straight white line at the middle of the stone.

This stone represents the planet ketu and is worn to increase the benefits of the same or reduce the ill effects of Ketu.

It helps develop the intellect of a person and protects from unforeseen bad happenings.

Recommended to expecting mothers and lawyers, it is perceived to cure eye disorders, piles.

Hessonite Gemstone, Gomed, Effects of Hessonite

Hessonite, known as Gomed, is Cinnamon stone.

It appears to be quite hazy from the inside. It is shade of red in color.

Common sources of this stone are Sri Lanka and India. Hessonite from Sri Lanka is considered to be of a better quality.

This stone is linked with health and prosperity.

Pearl Gemstone, Moti Benefits Effects of wearing Pearl

Pearl or Moti, as it is popularly known is formed by Oyster, an animal of sea. It is the outer covering of the animal and is said to possess very soothing properties. It is said that oysters form the outer covering on a full moon day.

A flawless pearl is said to bring health, wealth and prosperity. It is associated with water and possesses cool and calm characteristics. It is also perceived to cure asthama, indigestion, heart problems. Pearl should always be worn in the right hand.

Spotted pearl is considered inauspicious and should be avoided.

This gem stone represents the planet Moon and should be worn on a Monday.

Coral Gem stone, Effects of wearing coral, Moonga

Coral, popularly known as Moonga is Calcium carbonate. It is rich in calcium content and has been used in medicines for stronger bones. It is a soft gem stone and possess a shiny surface.

The color is usually red, but corals are also there in white, orange and pink color.

Coral is said to change color basis the health of its wearer. It brings in courage and protects the person from evil spirits and is also associated with marital bliss.

These gem stones represent the planet Mars and are worn on Tuesday.

Diamond Gem Stone, Effects of wearing Diamond

Diamond, made from pure carbon has a refractive index of 2.4 and gravit of 3.5. It measures 10 on Moh’s scale.

Pure diamond is usually colorless. However Diamonds are colorful too. Color is because of impurities like nitrogen etc.

Diamond is abundantly available in South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada to name a few.

The wearer of a diamond gets increased concentration, helps increase the intellectual knowledge of the person and protects the person from evil spirits. Those looking for a stability in their married life should wear a diamond. It is usually worn in the left hand.

Importance of Diamond is in increasing the effects of planet Venus and is usually worn on a Friday.

Emrald, Effects of Emrald, Benefits of Emrald

Emrald possess a double refractive character. It has a refractive index of 1.57-1.58 and its specific gravity is 2.7gm/cm. The color of this stone is green and various shades of green and is popular by the name of Panna or Markat.

The common sources of Emrald and Brazil, Russia, India and Colombia.

Emrald corresponds to the planet Mercury and is worn on a Wednesday.

Ruby Gemstone,Ruby Importance, Effects of wearing Importance

The physical properties of Ruby, or Manikya as it is popularly known, are the same as that of Yellow Sapphire.

The color of Ruby is red and various shades of Red. Good quality Ruby can be found in Burma. It is also present in India, though not of excellent quality.

Ruby is worn for increasing the good effects of negating the bad effects of the planet sun. It is normally worn in a Sunday

Blue Sapphire Effects, Benefits of Blue Neelam, When to wear Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire, popularly known as Neelam in India. The composition, refractive index and gravity are the same as that of Yellow sapphire i.e 1.76-1.77 and 4 gms/cm respectively.

These stones can be found in Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Burma and Thailand. The color of Blue sapphire varies at any and all of these locations.

This gem stone is typically for Saturn, also popularly known as Shani in India. It is worn so as to get the positivity of the planet Saturn . It shows very strong positive effects and is said to possess supernatural powers. The person wearing this stone overcomes fear and depression. It is also very beneficial in matters related to finance and property.

Effects of Blue Sapphire are immediate and shoule be noted carefully. You should discontinue wearing it, if it causes bad effects, which become evident within 24 hours of wearing it.

It is advised to wear this gem stone on Saturday, the day of Saturn.

Yellow Sapphire Effects, Benefits of Yellow Sapphire

Composed of Aluminium Oxide, Yellow sapphire as the name suggests is yellow in color. The yellow color is because of the presence of impurities of iron. The hardness on MOHs scale measures 9 and is doubly refractive. The index is 1.76-1.77 and gravity is 4 gms/cm.

This stone can be abundantly obtained from Sri Lanka. One needs to be very careful while choosing Yellow sapphire since a lot of look alikes are available in the market. Price of Yellow
sapphire largely depends on the color, its clarity and size.

Effects of Yellow Sapphire
Yellow sapphire brings peace and harmony in the life of its wearer. It is highly recommended to those awaiting marriage.
It is usually worn to increase the good effects of Jupiter. This stone is the safest of all as it has no bad effects. Yellow sapphire is normally worn in Thursday, the day of Jupiter.

Importance of Gem Stones,Effects of Gem Stones, When to wear

The importance and benefits of wearing gems/stones/gemstones, as they are popularly known, has been long argued. Many people have felt the effect of wearing the stones, while some don’t feel any change.
We shall try to explain the importance of gem stones in both astrological and scientific way.

Astrological importance of Gem Stones
Astrology gives much importance to the use of stones for the benefit of people. Stones are said to increase the positive effects of some planets and reduce the negative effects of some. Astrologers suggest people to wear the stones of planets that are good in their horoscope but have not been able to show their positive affect because of the presence of other planet. Wearing the respective stone increases its energy, thereby increasing the benefits.

Scientific Importance of Gem Stones
Science believes that there are seven colors in environment. These are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, popularly known as VIBGYOR. Each of these colors corresponds to one planet. Since these seven colors are present in the atmosphere, our body too has a combination of these. Presence of any of these colors above or below the desired levels causes instability in human body, physically or mentally. This makes the wearing of a particular stone all the more important. Stone corresponding to the color which is deficient in the body is suggested to the person, making up the balance of colors and consequent balance of human body.

The above mentioned reasons should make you believe in the benefits and effects of gem stones.
All the stones are listed below
Yellow Saphire (Pukhraj)
Blue Sahipre (Neelam)
Ruby (Manikya)
Emrald (Panna)
Diamond (Heera)
Coral (Moonga)
Pearl (Moti)
Hessonite (Gomed)
Catseye (Lehsuniya)

Pisces February 2012 Horoscope

Get away from everything that brings in negativity around you, especially people around you at work and in personal. You have already been through a lot already! Pisces February 2012 horoscope advises you to take out time for yourself, recharge and rejuvenate yourself through exercises and meditation.

Finances need a special check this month. The inflow will be minuscule as compared to the outflow of money. The first week of February 2012 will be a tough week when unexpected expenses can occur. Be careful in your lending to friends.

Those thinking of buying a property can go ahead after 23rd of the month. You will also be getting good profits from investments done in past! You also need to keep in mind that profits that come to the bank and the actual profits!

This is an opportune month for Pisces people to express their deep rooted love, with valentines’ day to assist you.

Later half of February 2012 will be totally dedicated to social activities. Pisces February 2012 horoscope says that you will be more religious and tend to bend towards spirituality.

Have a mind boggling month of February 2012 ahead dear Pisces people.

Aquarius February 2012 Horoscope, Aquarius Horoscope February

This month of February 2012 is foreseen as a satisfactory month for most of the Aquarius people going on jobs. Life will be smooth and there will not be much of either good or bad events happening around you. Last week of the month might bring back some adventure in your professional life.Aquarius February 2012 horoscope sees structural changes happening in your organization from which you can benefit immensely.

On the personal front, the picture might not be as rosy as it looks. Presence of planet Neptune in your zodiac sign might lead to sudden changes in your mood and temper. Aquarius horoscope for February 2012 advises these people to have faith in your partner instead of policing about his/her whereabouts.

Trust is one thing that is a pre requisite in any long term relationship. Keep your motivation level to the highest since you will need it time and again when you feel dejected and depressed.
Be extra careful of relationships between the 13th and 21st of the month.

Be ready for meeting new people and starting new relationships. Those planning to express themselves to their loved ones should not wait any further. It is now or never, my dear Aquarius people.

Later half of the month will be wonderful for people involved in financial sector. Better economic conditions will take your business to greater heights. Aquarius February 2012 horoscope says that the time is ripe for those who want to invest their money in stock market. Wait for some more time for investing in property, may be the next month!

Have a great going, exciting and adventurous month ahead!

Capricorn February 2012 Horoscope

February 2012 is going to be a month of deep introspection for many Capricorn people. Things have not been moving in the right path since a long time now. It is high time that you think of the possible causes for these unwanted events. This is also the month to sit back and think of your health first. Capricorn February 2012 horoscope foresees stress building up to the extent that it will be unbearable in the later stage of the year, if adequate steps to curtail it are not take. No harm visiting a doctor yourself, than others taking you after some time, dear Capricorn people!

Later half of February 2012 might come to you as a welcome note. Your self motivation and will power will take you to recovery path sooner than imagined. Capricorn people have long underestimated themselves, but now is the time to show your real worth to yourself if not to others!

There are no signs of problem on financial front. You will be well aware where to spend and when to spend. However, long term financial planning is also very important. Start investing in smaller quantity religiously every month.

Chances of buying any immovable property are high as per the Capricorn February 2012 horoscope.

Friends and family members will be supportive in every action you take. Don’t however forget to acknowledge their assistance.

Have a great going month of February 2012 ahead my dear Capricorn people.

Sagittarius February 2012 Horoscope, Sagittarius February Horoscope

You, dear Sagittarius people, have different kinds of thoughts fighting for space in your mind, different decisions that need someone’s assistance. There are some issues that have been troubling you a lot since the last month. To your relief, things are going to get better from the middle of this month, says the Sagittarius February 2012 horoscope. This will be a very good month for those students preparing for medical or technology.

At work, February 2012 will be an easy going month. You will not come across any major issue/hurdle. On suggestion for you people would be to stay away from gossips as much as possible. Don’t start any new project in business before the 21st of the month.

There will not be any constraint in the inflow of money. However it will be herculean task to save it, says the Sagittarius February 2012 horoscope. It is difficult for you to see money lying in front of you and not fulfilling any purpose, no matter what! Put a restraint to your
spending. Who knows when one needs the money!

Personal life will be satisfactory. There will be great understanding and coordination between you and your partner. Try being a more polite to him/her and understand the other’s point of view before putting yours adamantly.

May lady luck sprinkle its drops on you this February, says the Sagittarius horoscope for 2012.

Scorpio February 2012 Horoscope, Scorpio February 2012

Most of this month will revolve around your ability to communicate with others, both in professional and personal life! You might make distances between you and the other person just because of the way you communicate. What you have in your heart is altogether a different question, says the Scorpio February 2012 Horoscope.

Scorpio people have been known for their charismatic personality and positive attitude. These traits of yours will attract many people towards you. Your social life after the 11th will be good. You, scorpio people will be meeting many new acquaintances. February 2012 horoscope for Scorpio people says that strong bonds will be developed between the chosen few that will go a long way.

Family life will be satisfying for most of the Scorpio people. Meeting relatives, both far and near, will be a welcome event for you. Scorpio February 2012 horoscope predicts that auspicious occasion in the family will mark the gathering of family and friends.

Be extra careful in money matters during the last week of the month, says the Scorpio February 2012 horoscope.

Exciting love life is foreseen for most of the couples and many singles. Relationships starting this month might not go a long way, since love will be lost early and infatuation is what shall remain! Boredom in a relationship marks the start of the end!

Have a rocking month of February 2012 ahead!

Libra February 2012 Horoscope, Libra Horoscope February

The main focus of this month will be looking back on the unfinished projects and trying to finish them off. At work, February 2012 might test your patience, for you are not getting the recognition for great work that you are doing since the last quarter. Don’t lose heart and continue working diligently.Libra February 2012 horoscope advises you to Keep looking out for better job opportunities, says the Libra February 2012 horoscope.

Later half of the month will find you attracted to spirituality and meditation. It might be your new year resolution for 2012, but you have become very serious on the matters pertaining to your health. Meditation and workout have now become regular as per the February 2012 horoscope for Libra people.

In business, you diplomatic skills will come to the best use. An important project is going to come your way dear Libra people.

Be careful with your eating habits. Be very careful while eating food outside, specially junk and spicy food. Chances of a minor accident are also predicted by Libra February 2012 horoscope.

Have a great going month ahead!

Virgo February 2012 Horoscope, Virgo February Horoscop

Last month has not been very encouraging for Virgo people. Start however is not the end! So there is no point to feel demotivated. This month of February 2012 is going to be a much better month, both professionally and personally, for Virgo people. Time is ripe for professionals to opt for a job change. Virgo February 2012 horoscope says that those looking to start their own venture should do the same after second week of the month.

Finances will not be any issue this month for Virgo people. These people will be investing their money in property. Those looking for short term gains can opt for investing in stock market too, but only for this month! Make sure that you take out all your investments before the month end as per the Virgo horoscope for February 2012.

This is also a good time to increase your social circle. A lot of social activities and get together are lined up in the middle of the month. Make new contacts and don’t think selfish while meeting people. Some auspicious events are also foreseen by Virgo February 2012 horoscope.

Passion in your romantic life is seen throughout the month. Moments of love and intimacy will mark the start and end of the month. Understandings between the two of you will be the best ever, says Virgo horoscope for February 2012.

Have a great going month ahead!

Leo February 2012 Horoscope

February 2012 will be a month fully focused and devoted to work. The only difference between the days will be the quantum of work that you will have to deal with each day, says the Leo horoscope for February 2012. Your seniors have high hopes from you and there is an extra pressure on you to come up to their expectations.

Those looking for opportunities will have loads of them coming your way after the 20th of February. Leo February 2012 horoscope says that any and every opportunity should be taken seriously since some opportunities come only once!

Money wise, this will be a good month for most of the Leo people. Additional sources of income will crop in. Many Leo people are sure to benefit from their investments in property. Later half of February 2012 will see some lending of money from your end to friends/relatives.

On personal front, Leo people will have to deal with some issues that have long been in the mind and heart of their partner. Be intelligent enough to deal with such problem and sincere in you expressions to your partner, says the Leo February 2012 Horoscope.

Middle of the month will bring in some relief to your personal life when most of the petty issues will be sorted out.

All the very best for a great month of February 2012 ahead of you!

Gemini February 2012 Horoscope,Gemini February 2012

Gemini people will be very busy this month, both at office and in their learning new skills. Those in business need to complete their pending projects before they start the new ones, otherwise you will not be able to complete any of them on time. After the 15th of February 2011, Gemini people will be pressed under loads of work and additional responsibilities. Gemini February 2012 Horoscope says that sales people will have to see tough time because of the coming closing time and targets that are remaining.

Finances will be hard to manage for most of the Gemini people.Gemini horoscope for February 2012 says that you will not be able to save enough of the money that you earn, leaving your bank balance to the lowest minimum. Be very careful in your spending during the second and third week of February 2012. Don’t lend your money to your known people and stay away from any investments this month.

Take special care of your health, says the Gemini February 2012 Horoscope. Do regular exercise and have more of homemade food.

We wish for your good health and luck in February 2012!

Cancer February 2012, Cancer February Horoscope

First and the foremost advice for Cancer people in February 2012 will be to keep their calm and not get carried away by minor frustrations. The tussle between Venus and Mars will bring dissatisfaction in your professional life. Take precautions not to indulge in arguments with others, says the Cancer February 2012 Horoscope, especially between the 7th and 18th of the month. Those in the field of Arts shall see their creativity on the top. You however need to make proper use of their ability of yours and try making a good career out of it.

In terms of Finance, Cancer people need to keep their hands tied up to resist their temptation to overspend on the material pleasures of life. You will time and again think of buying some household luxuries, which you should keep away from. You are going to need urgent money in this quarter if it has not happened till now.

Single, heart broken Cancer people will be going through a very tough time dealing with the situation. Be with your friends and family and things will normalize soon. Cancer February 2012 Horoscope says that Romantic life will be satisfactory with not much of activity seen throughout the month.

Spend a lot of time with yourself, getting engaged with your hobbies. Your partner and children will be a great support to you, dear Cancerians.

Last week shall be important since this is the time when your days of struggle seem to end!

All the very best for a great February 2012 ahead, dear Cancer people!

Taurus February 2012 Horoscope, Taurus February 2012

This is the time to learn things and develop new skills. February 2012 will bring a good opportunity to learn and serve simultaneously. Those at work shall get to train your subordinates. Taurus horoscope for February 2012 says that these people need to be aware of your colleague’s moves. They might just be finding the right opportunity to make a dent in your career path.

In matters relating to property or other legal matter, don’t linger on and take the matter too long. The longer you take, the more difficult it will become for you to bring it in your favour.
Taurus February 2012 horoscope predicts a below normal month for business people. Any project started this month might lead to significant losses.

Be very careful while driving, especially during the last week of the month.

Don’t lay too much stress on yourself analyzing the past. Let bygones be bygones.

Love life will be interesting for most of the Taurus people.Taurus February 2012 Horoscope tells all these people to go all out and express yourself the way you have always felt like!

Best of luck for a great romantic month of February 2012 ahead!

Aries February 2012 Horoscope, Aries February 2012

This New Year 2012 has started on a positive note for many Aries people, especially when it comes to your career and work. The momentum shall continue in February too when the presence of planet Mars shall infuse a lot of confidence in you. Meeting people will be on the top of all the priorities. You need to remember that these professional contacts might be helpful to you in the long run when you plan to start your own venture too. Aries February 2012 horoscope therefore tells you to brush up your talking and walking skills.

On financial front, Aries people will have to be a bit on the back foot. This is not a good time to either take money from people/banks, or invest your money elsewhere. You are hereby advised not to lend money to friends, or better consider it a bad debt!

Personal life is not looking very high. Stress brewing up in each one’s life might find a vent on each other, especially when there is a communication gap between the two of you. This phase is temporary and will remain for a week or so.

February 2012 horoscope for Aries people says that development on career front has resulted in additional responsibilities, which is taking a toll on the personal front. Your partner however will be understanding enough and shall cope up with this situation well.

Don’t expect much from people and believe in yourself this month! You shall surely taste success, says the Aries February 2012 horoscope!