Leo August 2012 Horoscope

With a better 1st house, Leo people will have most of their focus on personality development and grooming themselves. You will be filled with energy and magnetic charisma. At work, people around you will be attracted by your communication skills. Leo horoscope for August 2012 foresees Singles getting a long term romantic relationship till the 21st of the month.

Last month end’s financial crunch shall continue till the 9th of August. Movement of planet Mercury into your favorable zone shall improve money and finance from the second week end. Leo people are hereby advised not to make haste in matters related to money.

In the personal front, Leo people might face some tensions at home. Behavior of someone close at home will disturb your mental peace, especially between the 16th to 21st August.  Try to bridge the constantly increasing gap between you and your loved one.

Chances of minor accident are high after 22nd of the month. Be cautious while driving at night.

This month will also be good for social meetings and new acquaintances. You will make many new friends who might prove to be beneficial in your professional career.

Have a blasting month of August ahead dear Leo people.

Gemini August 2012 Horoscope

Gemini people are good communicators by zodiac sign. This ability of theirs shall be explicitly displayed in August 2012 when your house of communication coincides with the planet mercury. At work, Gemini people shall gain a lot of advantage owing to their communication abilities. In personal life too, these people shall make many admirers.

However care needs to be taken after 22nd August when your sayings and doings will not match. Gemini people need to be extremely cautious while communicating with others at work. Chances are high that you might say something that is unacceptable to your seniors.

There will be somebody at home who is mentally tensed and needs your support. It can be your partner. It is hereby advised to strategize things before acting impatiently.

Avoid making new deals between 21st and 24th August.

Many Gemini people are sure to be inclined spiritually and find peace.Yogic exercises and meditation will do beneficial for you, especially after 21st.

Have a great time ahead!

Cancer August 2012 Horoscope

The regressive motion of planets has been affecting you since the last month. Most of the Cancer people have been experiencing delays in all their works. Plans that they have made during this time will not materialize. Cancer horoscope for august 2012 sees these people getting frustrated at times, awaiting success in their work. This trend is likely to continue till the 12th of August. Maintain your calm and avoid all the short routes for task completion.

Time for financial gains is good till the 23rd of the month. Investments in gold and other precious metals shall give you good returns. With increased earnings, Cancer people will also be spending good. Spending on material things and travel is foreseen by Cancer August 2012 horoscope.

Time between 22nd and 25th should be avoided for deals related to money.

The entry of Venus in your zodiac sign makes you motivated, full of energy and charm. Friends and relatives shall admire your communication and analytical abilities. This is also a good time for making new relationships, especially after  8th August.

Couples need to be careful against new conflicts between 13th and 18th of the month. Social get together and new acquaintances will continue throughout the month.

Taurus August 2012 Horoscope

The presence of Venus around Uranus and Pluto shall make most of the Taurus people a bit aggressive on talks and decisions. You need to take your time and plan before acting on any information.
 Staying calm shall avoid any conflicts at work with colleagues and teammates. Taurus August 2012 horoscope foresees a sensitive period between 12 and 18th of the month.

Time after 22nd is going to be great for Taurus people. The presence of Sun around Virgo brings happiness and energy in and around you. You tend to me more creative and artistic in your actions.

Decisions concerning finance should be either taken before 7th August or the next month. Avoid any major transactions between 11th till 21st, says the Taurus horoscope.

On the personal side, presence of Sun your own house brings lot of revelations to you concerning important people in your life. You and your partner shall have meaningful conversations concerning your future.

Time after 24th is not good for any new proposals concerning a relationship or marriage. Don’t unnecessarily confront your partner. Give him/her enough space and freedom to think by himself. You are hereby advised to carefully read the feelings of your loved ones and act accordingly.

Aries August 2012 Horoscope

The month seems to be full of fun and frolic for most of the Aries people. Time till the 22nd of August is favorable for socializing and personal meetings. Movement of Mars facing Jupiter brings good time for leisurely travel.  Students might get good news between the 7th to 20th August.

The movement of Venus towards Cancer shall result in meeting close friends and family members. Those in love shall spend a good time with your partner, says the Aries August 2012 horoscope.

In business, Aries people might plan to purchase a new machinery or set a new venture.

August 2012 will be a month of beautifying your home and spending money on yourself. You will be spending a considerable amount on renovating your home. Be prepared for extra expenses this month apart from redecoration. You yourself will be surprised by the amount spent at the end of the month.

Entry of sun into the sixth house might bring in changes to your career front. You are not satisfied from your current profile since quite some time and are looking for  stability of work than money. Opportunity might knock your door after the 23rd August. Aries horoscope advises students to be careful after 22nd of the month. 

Pisces July 2012 Horoscope

All the issues that have been doing rounds secretly at work will be revealed this month. You will get to know your friends and foes soon this July, dear Pisces people. Your colleagues have been taking undue advantage of you since a long time. Now that you know the facts, strategies should be formed accordingly. Later half of the month will ease out most of the pressure you have been experiencing.

Friends and family members will be the focus throughout this July 2012. Someone close will come to you for assistance, both emotional and financial. Though internally you would be tempted to refuse any financial help, it is hereby advised to consider the bond that you share with each other. Who knows tomorrow you might be needing help. Avoid any long travel with family.

Many Pisces people will be saving money more than spending this month. You have now understood the importance of savings when last month’s extravagant spending didn’t leave any money with you by the month end. Don’t invest money this month anywhere except the banks.

Love life will not be very exciting till the 23rd of July. You need to be careful in your talks with your partner. Pay lot of attention on the wordings that you use for your loved ones. Remember, words hurt more than bullets!

Aquarius July 2012 Horoscope

Be very careful at work, dear Aquarius people. Think a thousand times before giving your opinion about someone. Its better to stay away from rain when everybody is waiting to throw mud on you. Keep to your work and you will have a satisfactory time in office.

Time is also not very good for couples. There have been issues prevailing between the two of you for a while now. It is always better to take preventive action than finding a cure of the problem. Give time and space to your partner and let her feel his/her freedom. There is no way he/she can stay away from you for long.
Aquarius  singles might find their partner during the end July 2012.

Aquarius people have saved good money till now. Its time to invest it wisely, than spend it carelessly. 

Investment in stocks will give you good returns this month. Keep some money for safe deposits too. Don’t let your lavish lifestyle overpower you and keep a track of your expenses. Help some needy people in form of cash and clothes.

Stomach problems will keep on disturbing you throughout the month. Drink lots of water and be careful of acidic food.

Capricorn July 2012 Horoscope

July 2012 will mark the beginning of a new phase in professional lives of many Capricorn people. You are content with your present work profile and organization, but there will be many good opportunities that you will be bound to have a look. Many of you who have thought of becoming entrepreneurs should surely try their luck this time around. Who knows you might not even want a job afterwards!

This month of July will also prove to be a month of fun and frolic. You will be with friends after a very long time. Enjoy each moment of this time and live your life to the fullest. An adventure trip during the month’s start is also not ruled out for Capricorn people.

Money will not pose any problem. In fact you will love spending  on yourself and your family. Eating out, shopping will continue throughout the month. You might however have to spend the month tight during the last days of the month.

Health wise, Capricorn people will be on the top of the world, charged up on high spirits. This good mood and health is going to continue beyond this month too.

A wonderful month awaits you dear Capricorn people!

Sagittarius July 2012 Horoscope

This is going to be a month dedicated to socializing, meeting friends, family get together,trips and tours and whatever you can think of for enjoying life. Time to rest on the chair in beautiful surroundings, near sea shores, trekking on the mountains and let the adrenaline rush! The kind of busy you have been in the past month, even you would not remember. Take July 2012 as a welcome month and make the most out of it.

There is sure going to be lot of spending and expenses, you want it or not! So be prepared but don’t forget to spend the money wisely. A new investment in property or house shall also take a major chunk of your savings.

Time has not been any better for Sagittarius people engaged in love and romance. You will feel at the top of the world, being so close to your partner. The kind of understanding you will develop during this month of July 2012 is going to last the full year long.

The happy you are, the healthier you feel. You are all charged up for the world. Keep this momentum alive since you will need it in the time to come. 

Scorpio July 2012 Horoscope

Scorpio people have been gathering accolades from their colleagues and acquaintances because of their communication skills. You are happy seeing people admiring you in the last many days. Its time to be a bit careful now, when your talks will have a serious impact on someone who comes to you looking for suggestions. Those at work will get a good career opportunity outside your job profile. No harm in giving it a try! Ideal time 
for students preparing for competitive examination and those engaged in arts and culture.

Personally, July 2012 is going to be a demanding month for most of the Scorpio people. Your partner shall expect more time and attention from you. Time between 11tu and 17th of July is extremely important for strengthening old relationships and building the new ones. Why wait for others to come to you when you can go to them and express your heart.

A better career opportunity or a good increase in your current salary shall come as a welcome surprise for you dear Scorpions. You will yourself be amazed on your potential at times.

On health terms, Scorpio people will feel drained out and frustrated at the end of month. This is owing to increased work pressure without a break. Take time out and spend time with family and friends. Care needs to be taken while eating outside. Ulcers and food infection is not ruled out for many Scorpio people.

Libra July 2012 Horoscope

After so much of hard work and sweat that has undergone your project work in the last month, would you mind take a break and give your nerves rest. Take some time to strategize for the days ahead, since tough time is not yet over. Libra people shall have to prove themselves to their seniors for gaining a place among them. More work would mean more responsibilities, meaning less time for your personal life.

Money is one thing that will make you happy this month. Most of the Libra people shall see the returns of their hard work coming their way at the month end. Time between 20th and 30th July is very good for starting any new venture. Don’t think and initiate whatever you have in mind. Success is sure to come your side, dear Libra people, as per their July 2012 horoscope.

Personal life will take a hit this month. Lack of communication and time with your partner will take a toll on your relation too. Try spending time with each other, or the gap will keep on increasing between the two of you. Talks of marriage are doing the rounds for singles of marriageable age. Don’t however expect anything positive before August 25th.

Health will over all be fine for Libra people. Just keep your focus on the set target and keep working till it is achieved.

We wish you great luck for the time ahead!

Virgo July 2012 Horoscope

One advice for Virgo people that would hold true throughout the month – Strengthen your inner self and demand your rights! You have been suppressed by your teammates at work since a long time now. Its high time that you give them what they want i.e,  a response from you. Virgo people will be highly charged up and motivated to change their surroundings and they will be successful to a great extent.

Expenses are waiting for you, dear Virgo people. The start of July itself shall bring unexpected spending dwindling your monthly budget. You might have to take money from your friends around the 18th for an important investment opportunity. Some auspicious occasion in the later half of July shall demand money too!

Good time for socializing. Meeting new people and getting closer to the known ones will continue, says the Virgo horoscope for July 2012.You will spend healthy time with friends and family members. Meeting relatives during occasion at home is foreseen.

Be very careful of your health and be extra cautious while driving, especially between 9th and 14th of July.

Those awaiting marriage might get lucky this month! Singles should give this month a break and chill out with friends instead of wandering around!

Leo July 2012 Horoscope

This entire year is going to show topsy turvy moves for many leo people. Be prepared to expect the unexpected anytime. Though there is nothing serious to worry about, but frequent changes in and around you will force you to deeply introspect your position.

Those at work need to be careful in suggesting/advising your colleagues. Your teammates and superiors have been very positive of you lately, so anything you say might be taken on a serious note, says the Leo horoscope for July 2012. Think before reacting to situations at work. Those in business also need to keep their cool after 11th July when the mercury turns retrograde for them.

On personal front, Leo people will find immense help and support of their family members. They will be with you when you need them the most, between 25th to 28th July. Couples will enjoy a healthy relationship.

In money and finance, July is a perfect month to start some financial planning, that would provide you the much needed financial support in the later months of the year, when you would need it the most. Cancer July horoscope for 2012 however says that this is not the right time for any investments. Wait for the next month to plan any such financial plan.

Those looking for a career change should start hunting for the same after 21st July. A good opportunity might come your way at the end of this month.

We wish you a great going month ahead!

Cancer July 2012 Horoscope

Cancer people shall take a chill pill and enjoy the exciting happenings around themselves. These people will have a good time with relatives and friends. Chances of trips and tours with friends are foreseen for you lucky people. At work, you will enjoy all the support of your colleagues. Time after 19th July is auspicious for the start of any new venture.

Those in business need to be very careful with their business partner. You might also get a good business opportunity to enter into after the 23rd as per the Cancer horoscope for July 2012.

Money and finance will be satisfactory for most of the Cancer people. Your main focus will be on savings this month. You will also help your near ones in their financial needs. An advice too, of being careful not to lend money to those whom you don’t trust.

Health will be fine throughout the month. You need to be careful in the first week against minor accidents while driving.

We through ‘Horoscopes forever’ wish for your great health and luck

Gemini July 2012 Horoscope

You, dear Gemini students, are still confused on the career path to be chosen ahead.  You have lots of options beaming in your mind right now. We through Gemini horoscope for July 2012 advise you to just focus on your interest area than keep looking for your peers and listening to elders.

Those at work will spend a good time till they focus on their core responsibility, their work! Don’t even try interfering into others’ matters. You are in the good books of management and you need to maintain that image of yours. Middle of the month shall really test your patience levels when frustration would slowly creep in and you would have little choice but to burst aloud.

In love and relationship, July might not prove to be the best of months for many Gemini people. No matter how far you want to be from personal issues and relationship problems, all these will themselves find their way to your life this month, says the Gemini love horoscope for July 2012. Gemini people in a relationship need to be extra cautious before saying anything to their partner. Time after 24th July is favorable in mending the cord between the two of you.

Gemini people had got their hand on some work that could fetch them extra income. That money might start coming in as a pleasant surprise. All those wanting to start a new venture to wait till the start of next month since planet mercury is turning retrograde which might cause problems with new ventures.

Have a great start and end to July 2012, dear Gemini’s.

Taurus July 2012 Horoscope

Creativity is on the top of most of you, dear Taurus people. The zeal of doing something different and productive makes you think whole lot of ideas. Many of your entrepreneur minds have zeroed in on some practical thoughts. Time have come to bring them into reality, says the Taurus horoscope for July 2012. Those at work will be the most sought after personality for any suggestions.

All those Taurus people who are in a relationship might start to feel the heat from the beginning of the month itself. You yourself feel strong and power packed, ready to start the innings of love.Time after 21st July is good for making new relations.

Have you ever thought about the business ideas that you keep giving to people around you? This is the time when you shall think about them, for yourself. And yes, money will not be far from you once you live your ideas!

Most of the Taurus people will be in control of their health. Taurus horoscope for July 2012 advises you not to put stress on your eyes and take proper care of your sight.