Libra August 2013 Horoscope

You have been looking for more freedom at work and you will get the same in August. Professionally, many of you will get good career options to choose from in the later half of month. A little bit of caution however is advised from your colleagues/teammates. Remember that there is a lot of difference in what appears and what actually is!

Resist from investing your hard earned money into options that don’t give fixed returns. Don’t also lend your money this month since chances are very bleak of getting it back!

Although you are helpful to people around you, don’t expect much of support when you need it! You will have to fight your way to success alone.

Time between 11th and 27th is important for personal matters and love affairs. 

Take good care of your health between 22nd and 25th of August!

Virgo August 2013 Horoscope, Virgo Horoscope August 2013

Take a break from your daily work, dear Virgo people. You have been very busy for the last many months. Now is the time to spread your hands and relax. August 2013 will give you many opportunities to spend lots of time with friends and family.

Those in business will have a great time. It is also a good time to make new investments in new ventures. 

However, be careful while lending money to others for business.

Money and finance go very strong in the third week of the month. 

Your self-motivation makes you and your health very strong too!

Leo August 2013 Horoscope

You are in the spotlight this August dear Leo people. Be it the professional or personal front, you will enjoy every moment of this special treatment given to you. At work, your coordination with your team will impress your seniors. You are being seen as a future prospect in leadership position

Social life will be fantastic this month. August 2013 will be the time when you will develop new relationships, making friends and professional acquaintances. 

This is also the right time to make a career move. Be ready for grabbing any opportunities that come your way.

Cancer August 2013 Horoscope

August 2013 will not be an easy going month on professional front. There will be lot of resistance on your way to success, dear Cancer people. Many of your colleagues who don’t want to see you grow will be plotting against you. Be very careful in you work throughout the month and mind your words while in talks even with your colleagues.

Money and finance will not pose any problem. You will receive good gains out of your investments done in the past. 

Personal life will be satisfactory. You will spend more time with family during the weekends, and most importantly, you will love it!

Gemini August 2013 Horoscope

This will be a normal month for most of the Gemini people. At work, there will be lots of cooperative work going on and you will succeed as a team. There is a possibility of being on a professional trip after 14th August. 

Finance might pose an issue in the month. You will have to look for the loans that you have given to your 
friends/relatives. Take out any profitable investments that you have in stocks.

At home, someone in your family might be suffering from a health problem. This will take most of your time and mind.

Beware of water borne disease. Avoid drinking water outside your home till its treated well.

Taurus August 2013 Horoscope, Taurus Horoscope August 2013

August will be a month fully focused on your family, dear Taurus people. You will experience an eventful time and ease that you have been longing for since months.  Meeting long lost friends and relatives will also make this month very special for you.

At work, you will have to exhibit lot of patience and understanding. There will be moments when you would want to thrash the person standing opposite to you, but you need to soothe your nerves, calm down in order to be a bit logical.

Time between 16th and 21st of August will play out heavy on you. Be very careful while driving and try avoiding night travel.

Reassess your current personal relationships and rework on them if you are convinced yourself.