Pisces October 2012 Horoscope

Motivation levels of Pisces people will be on a high during the start of October 2012. The movement of planet Mars towards your 6th house brings in this high level of confidence to face the challenges. You have a very good work related idea cropping in your mind. Better to show some air to it and let it breathe. Work may demand some change in strategy as external and internal environment and changing rapidly.

Those in business have been working hard, yielding unsatisfied returns of their sweat and blood. Second week of October will prove to be incremental in your business development and partnerships.

Things are not going good on the personal front. Unwanted tensions and lack of communications is increasing the barriers between the two of you. Its always better to be rational and solve the issues on table than taking sudden decisions.

Those looking for a job change should be ready for a wonderful opportunity around 27th of the month.

All the very best for a great going month ahead!

Aquarius October 2012 Horoscope

Your work shall take the most of your time this month as planets move around your house of work and career. Many of the Aquarius people will feel better in their ability of understanding their team in this month of October. This shall in turn help you in better people handling, thereby increasing your productivity.

No doubt there will be lot many ideas going on in your mind related to work and business, it is suggested that you carefully examine them before presenting before your seniors. Be very careful in your conversation with your line manager, especially in the second week of October 2012.

Personally, Aquarius people will have an increase in the list of their admirers. Your simplicity and attitude towards life as a whole will attract many likeminded people to you.

Those looking for a job shift should wait at your current work as you might get a hike in the time to come.

On personal front your life will be going from better to best. Love and harmony is coming your way dear Aquarians, so keep tight!

Capricorn October 2012 Horoscope

Capricorn people will see many happenings going on for themselves and for their near ones in October 2012. You, Capricorn people will be high on introspection about their future goals. You have been working quite hard in the last few months, unable to get the expected returns. The same scenario is continuing now too, though you don’t like it!

Time after 25th is very good for most of the Capricorns. You will have established your goals and will follow your dreams till you achieve them. You yourself might not have experienced the sort of dedication and energy in yourself since many months! This motivation level will prove to be a precursor to your target achievement.

At work, things will move smoothly. You will be in good terms with your colleagues and seniors. Chances of a professional tour are not ruled out between 13th and 17th October 2012.

Social life will be rocking for Capricorn people. Outings with friends and team mates will continue throughout the month. Going out with a special person and developing deep feelings for your loved one is also not ruled out.

Have a great going October 2012 ahead dear Capricorns.

Sagittarius October 2012 Horoscope

Most part of October 2012 will revolve around you yourself dear Sagittarius people. October will prove to be a most sociable month for you. Making new acquaintances and meeting old ones will continue throughout.
You might get lucky enough when your spiritual self opens up to you. Sagittarius people will love spending time with themselves and with their mates.

At work, you have not been any better in the whole year. Energy is beaming out from every part of you, making you ready to take on the world. You are the best in leaving behind the past and looking ahead in future dear Sagittarians. You will rely on teamwork and will come out with successful colors. Those actively looking for a career change should wait patiently for a month. You might feel happier enough!

Welcome love with open arms, for soon your life shall change for good!

‘Horoscopes forever’ wishes your great luck ahead in October 2012.

Scorpio October 2012 Horoscope

There will be a lot of pressure from your work entirely focused on performance. Things are probably not moving in the right direction at work dear Scorpio people.Scorpio October 2012 Horoscope says what you need to do is to focus hard on your weaknesses and improve upon before someone else points them out to you. A self respected person as you are, it will be difficult to accept rejection.

Scorpio horoscope for the month of October 2012 also advises you to keep good care on spending. Any investments done for the sole purpose of earning short term gains will be going in the drain only. So better avoid any such investments. Remember, there is no short cut to success this month for you.

On the personal front too, you will have to do a bit of hard work. Scorpio people have not been giving ample time at home, resulting in dissatisfaction in your life partner. Remember your responsibilities towards your family and give quality time to them. They are the ones, who are and will be there with you through the thick and thin of life!

Time after 25th of October is right for any new partnerships or business ventures. Those looking for expressing their love to their mate should also go in for the last week of the month. It is after all the timing that plays the most important part.

Libra October 2012 Horoscope

Almost the entire month of October 2012 will revolve around relationships for most of the Libra people. Probability of yours expressing yourself in the second and third week of the month is high with the entry of Venus into your 2nd house.

At work, Libra people will tend to attract a lot of attention through their work and their talks! Presence of Jupiter against Venus is sometimes a matter of concern when you will not be able to control your emotions and pour your heart out, unconcerned about the outcome that might proceed, says the Libra horoscope for October 2012.

Those in business are yet to discover their people side. You have to believe on your people in order to grow in business. Delegate some works to your subordinates and you shall see the positive impact at work.

Finances might be bit of an issue for Libra people. Unwanted expenses at work and sudden increase in personal expenditure will dwindle your budget for the month and might even take away some of your savings too. Don’t invest for short term gains. Be away from stock market, for a month of two specifically.

Virgo October 2012 Horoscope, Virgo Horoscope October 2012

Virgo people will be loaded with work during the first 2 weeks of October 2012. This additional work might be because of added responsibility of your colleague.Virgo October 2012 Horoscope says that excessive work pressure might take a toll on your health system too!

The presence of Jupiter in your zodiac in the first week of the month brings in increased energy and motivation levels to you.

Money matters will not pose any problem to you, dear Virgo people. You will gain not only from your expertise, but also from your social skills. Chances of a new career opportunity with considerable hike is on your way in October 2012.

Take time to gain new skills and knowledge. The same will be fruitful for your growth in near future.

Time between 17th to 23rd is specially important for starting and maintaining a new relationship.  Issues that have been continuing in the recent past will find a stop later this month.

Leo October 2012 Horoscope | Leo Horoscope October 2012

Most of your time and energy this month will be spent on your relationships. Be it the family relations or your romantic relationships, both will not be very satisfying in October 2012. The presence of Saturn in Leo will be responsible for this turmoil.

All these issues might take a toll on your health too. Leo people need to be very careful of their eating and ensure that you practice some meditation exercises in order to keep yourself calm and composed.

Those in business might have to face financial burden on your shoulders. Money will not come in easily and you will have to run from pillar to post for getting the finances in place.

The best strategy at this point of time is to be patient and wait for the right time to come your way.

October 2012 also might not be a good time to opt for a job change or a shift in your career.

‘Horoscopes forever’ wishes you luck in your endeavors ahead in the month.

Cancer Horoscope October 2012 | Cancer October 2012 Horoscope

Although this month starts with a bit of discord between yourself and peace, things get better with each passing day in October 2012 for Cancer people. You will be very optimistic for the happenings in store ahead.

At work, many of the Cancer people who would be joining new jobs will find it very easy to mix and accommodate themselves in the surroundings, thanks to the presence of sun and Jupiter in your zodiac. Those working in projects shall get the support of their teammates.

Time is very good for students on a special note. Luck is turning your way dear Cancer people and you shall be very proud of it soon.

Those thinking of a possibility of making a career change now need to wait and revisit their decisions. Possibility of regretting later is high on cards for Cancer people in October 2012.

Time is ripe for entering into a romantic relationship. A word of caution for you people will be to carefully think about the future before entering in to an intimate relationship. You might not be able to get out of it without hurting either of you.

Take your time for logical reasoning before taking any decision.

Gemini October 2012 Horoscope

Time for fun and frolic is over, dear Gemini people! You have enjoyed a lot in the last month and now you have to be back to work, taking added responsibilities! Movement of venus to your 6th house suggests added work related responsibility coming to you from the second week of October 2012.

Gemini people will be full of ideas and you will not leave any stone unturned in expressing yourself to your seniors. However the ultimate test of capability lies in living your ideas and doing whatever possible in converting your ideas into reality. A great time to opt for a new job or changing your current profile altogether!

Your personal life might be full of ambiguity. Those in love will not be able to take a strong decision concerning their long term relationship. Time after 23rd will improve dramatically because of the presence of sun in your zodiac. Your easygoing and sensuous side will be truly depicted in the last week of October 2012.

Be cautious in your travel between 19th and 22nd October. 

Taurus October 2012 Horoscope

Taurus people bring out their leadership skills to the fullest in October 2012. Many Taurus people shall be utterly surprised witnessing the loads of success that comes to you this month with as little effort as you can imagine! Your desire of a successful career and stability will soon come true, says the Taurus horoscope for October 2012. Planetary positions are in your favor and building blocks for success will start towards the end of October.

In relationships, Taurus October 2012 horoscope foresees you every effort of hiding you feelings for the loved one totally failing. Its time you go to her and tell her how much you are in love.

Time might not be very good for money and finance. Sudden expenses in the first and third week of October might dwindle all your planning. Unplanned buying shall also take away a handsome pie from your savings!

Good time to say good bye to cigarette smoking and drinking!

Aries October 2012 Horoscope

First week of October 2012 is very critical for most of the Aries people. Backward movement of Jupiter from your planet causes a lot of issues for those involved in any legal issues and those pursuing career developments. Students need to be careful while taking important decisions concerning their career shift. Chances of a foreign trip are high too!

Aries people who have been facing health related issues since many months shall feel relief in October as the planet Saturn moves away from 5th October after a long stay in your zodiac. However, you need to maintain discipline in your exercise and eating habits.

October 2012 might not be an opportune time for any romantic activity. Those already in a relationship will have to be patient enough to keep the romantic cycle running smoothly.

Those in service sector will see things happening very slowly. So you need to maintain your calm and continue your good work!

Aries October 2012 horoscope sees a lot of social activity happening as the month approaches its end!