Taurus March 2013 Horoscope

You are on the top of your professional career dear Taurus people. The transit of Venus from your zodiac from the start of March makes sure you are on the zenith of everything that you do. Teamwork and respect for seniors makes you looked upon as an ideal personality. Though there will be a lot of work and responsibilities on your shoulder, you don’t give up easily. 

Happenings in the last 1-2 months make you more cautious of your health. Now that you are paying more attention to your eating habits, your health is bound to improve. Just focus on basics of having lots of fluid and less of cholesterol.

On financial aspect, Taurus people are advised to complete any investments that you plan to make before the 17th since the planets favoring your finances would be moving away after the third week.

On personal front, your family will be very supportive of your work and shall give you as much freedom as you desire. However learn to reciprocate and give your partner the independence that he/she wants. You will get more love and respect by your actions. 

Outing with friends between 27th and 29th March is foreseen.

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