Pisces May 2012 Horoscope, Pisces Horoscope May 2012

Pisces people will be experiencing a major upthrust in their energy and motivation levels from the start of May 2012 itself. The same will get reflected at workplace too, when you will yourself be surprised by the degree of commitment and speed you are putting up in your work, says the Pisces May 2012 horoscope.  Pleasant work related surprises await you in the month ahead!

The additional responsibilities that have been bestowed on you will leave you with very little time for friends and family. This will start reflecting in the behavior of your partner too, says the Pisces horoscope for May 2012. You are advised to show them that you care. Take some time off in the later half of May 2012 and take your family/partner on an outing.

Financially, you will be feeling a lot satisfied with the money flowing in to your account. Most of the pisces people will be repaying any loans/debts taken from people. Though this is not the right time to invest in stocks and property, you are advised to go for safer investments like fixed deposits and recurring deposit schemes.

A great going month for health too. Headache around 11th to 15th of the month is foreseen by Pisces May 2012 horoscope. Get sufficient sleep in order to be away from all the minor ailments. Don’;t spend too much of time on laptop and take sufficient breaks in between.

We wish all the Aquarius people great luck in May 2012.

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