Gemini May 2012 Horoscope, Gemini May 2012

Gemini people have been known of possessing a different personality, with frequent changes in their attitude reflective of their nature. This is also a time of transition for most of the Gemini people. Now that your creative self is in full swing, you are beaming with new ideas to grow yourself, says the Gemini May 2012 horoscope. At work, Gemini people will be too aggressive to handle and be controlled. Aggression is good, but it needs to be positive one. Stepping up the ladder by intentionally keeping your foot on someone else is a wrong strategy. Things might not be as rosy as the last month on personal front. You have been in a cold war since last few days because of some miniscule issue and it is becoming bigger with each passing day. Gemini horoscope for May 2012 advises you to put a break on your tussle, talk openly, give each other the much needed space and remove all the bottlenecks that you have. Finance issues might not get resolved in May, but pressure will start easing off and the money crunch will slowly but steadily get solved. Those looking for investments and lending should take a lesson from your past experience and then take a decision. Gemini May 2012 horoscope sees minor health issues cropping up in later half of the month. You might start the month well with lots of positive energy flowing around you. The same however would get lower till the time you reenergize and motivate yourself for achieving your objectives. Take care of your eyesight and nerves related issues. All the very best for an interesting month of May 2012 ahead!

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