Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2012, Rabbit Horoscope 2012

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2012

People born under Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign should tie their belt for yet another year of struggle and fruits of success. You people have understood from last year that you are for yourself. Nobody else supports you in your days of struggle. Rabbit Chinese horoscope 2012 foresees you people getting into some unusually difficult situations. This is high time that you remain alert and be proactive in your professional approach. Stress and tensions might take a toll on you and affect your health in the later part of the year.

From career front, Rabbit people will enjoy satisfactory life. You will not receive much of cooperation and support from your team mates.

Those in business need to take care of their finance. Unexpected expenses and losses in business is predicted for some Rabbit people. There are chances of yours getting engaged into legal issues that will take most of your time and resources.

Rabbit Chinese horoscope 2012 also sees a mixed kind of year ahead. Singles are themselves
very pessimistic above love and romance. Later half of the year might see some luck for some Rabbit singles. Problems at work will get carried into personal life too and relation with your partner might also not be very encouraging. What is needed is patience and communication. Give a patient hearing to the problems facing your partner and communicating your heart out to him/her.

Why not go on a small holiday with family at one time and with friends at the other time? May be a college reunion etc? You will surely get charged up and ready to face the challenges of the year ahead!

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