Pig Chinese Horoscope 2012, Pig Chinese 2012

Pig 2012 Horoscope

This Dragon year of 2012 is going to be an average year for people born under Pig zodiac sign. These people will enjoy great chemistry with the Rabbit and Sheep people. Chances of a tussle between you and those born under Snake and Monkey Chinese zodiac are high in this year. Pig Chinese horoscope 2012 foresees these people working hard for attaining their desires. Those living in a joint family need to take good care of their family’s health.

At work, Pig people will be very busy, pressed under piles of work. Travel for work is also seen by the Chinese horoscope 2012. This is also the time to get results of your hard work. Its rightly said, the more sugar you add the sweeter it becomes! Same holds good for you, Pig people.

All the business people will have a very tiring year ahead, says the Pig Chinese horoscope 2012. You will be very busy expanding your client base and your business to at different locations. You shall travel a lot and make new contacts in the meantime.

Love and romance might not be on the list for many Pig people. Though there might be opportunities, but you need to be away from those attractions since it will only result in heartache. Pig people already in a relationship need to respect the independence of each other, since you don’t want to be controlled by somebody else too!

We wish for a good time ahead for Pig people through Chinese horoscope 2012.

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