Aquarius October Horoscope 2011, Aquarius October 2011 Horoscope

Aquarius October 2011 Horoscope

Aquarius people have the planet Neptune in their zodiac sign, which will give you positive results and great confidence to face challenges. You might get some good news on the 12th and the 22nd of the month. You however need to be very careful on 17th and 18th of October 2011.
Career will be on the high for Aquarius people. Chances of another opportunity will come through
that you need to capture

You might not get very lucky in love and romance. Aquarius horoscope for October 2011 says that patience will be the key for most of you this month.

Don’t make too much of plans for money atleast in the first half of October. There might not be much of income as there will be expenses.

Many Aquarius people will get a chance of going on a trip to the place that have never thought of. If you have slightest of adventure spirit, don’t think and just start off.

Aquarius people have not been very open people. They don’t usually express themselves. This is one reason why they will feel left out at home too!

Aquarius horoscope for the month of October 2011 wishes all the Aquarius people great love and romance your way!

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