Gemini October 2009 Horoscope, Gemini October 2009

Gemini October 2009 Horoscope

October will be a month of finishing pending work at office. This will require spending more time in office, engrossed in professional tasks. Gemini October 2009 horoscope advises most of the Gemini people to be away from office politics as there are chances of your colleagues fishing something behind your back.

New contacts and professional relationships will be part and parcel of your work in this month of October 2009. Gemini people will be attending a lot of social get together where they would be meeting lot of new business contacts.

Money and Finance
Money will keep flowing in this month of October as per the Gemini October 2009 horoscope. Investments made earlier will see good profits coming your way.

Love and Romance
October will see the love igniting in you heart in this month of October 2009. Past Issues and problems relating to relationships may get sorted out as per the Gemini horoscope of October 2009 for love and romance.

Horoscopes forever wishes you good luck for the month to come.

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