Numerology, Nature and Personality based on Birth Dates,Characteristics on Birth Number

Nature and Personality based on Numerology (birth date/ birth number

Numbers have always attracted and interested people in all spheres of life. The numbers in numerology tell you about the affect of numbers in your lives. Horoscopes Forever provides you details about your nature and personality traits based upon the date of your birth.

To find your number, add the dates on which you were born (Eg. if your birth date is 28, then add 2 and 8 i.e 2+8=10 , add 1 and 0 i.e 1+0=1. So your number is 1).

Number One (1)
Number Two (2)
Number Three (3)
Number Four (4)
Number Five (5)
Number Six (6)
Number Seven (7)
Number Eight (8)
Number Nine (9)

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