Virgo August 2014 Horoscope

Virgo August 2014 Horoscope

The month is going to be challenging for most of the Virgo people. Your negative planets will be strengthening this month and your own planet, Mercury will not be able to justify itself. This unstable planetary condition will result in flow of both positive and negative energies. Powers of Neptune and Venus might create unwanted situations in your life this August, dear Virgo. Best strategy would be to avoid any untowards situation and go slow on whatever you do.

Work and Business will be no different. Difficulties will not let you go away from them in August 2014. Altercations with the management might reach to such an extent, that you will have to think of other opportunities. Now since you are aware of the happenings in advance, the best strategy to adopt would be not to interfere in other’s business and do your work with full perfection. Don’t give a chance to your colleagues/managers to point fingers on you.

Those in love should avoid approaching the love of their life this August.Virgo people need to wait for time to get right. Time would be tougher for couples who have just started their relationships. Middle of the might might play havoc to their relationships.

Advise of HoroscopesForever for Virgo in August 2014 would be to wait and watch and let the boat of difficult time sail through.

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