Leo August 2014 Horoscope

Leo August 2014 Horoscope

The presence of Sun and Mercury with have their focus on your zodiac throughout the month.  These days will be more focused on things/actions that give you happiness and pleasure.  Be it going places on a holiday or flirting with the person you like, you will enjoy every moment of it.

Leo August 2014 Career Horoscope
Since all your strong planets are sitting at beneficial positions, work and career will be altogether good throughout the month. This is the time when your actions will be visible to the people around you. Your results will speak by themselves. Leo people just need to be ensure not to indulge in office politics, especially between 19 to 23rd of August. Be doubly sure of what you speak with people above you.

Leo August Horoscope 2014 Money and Finance
Leaving aside the time till 8th August, days are looking good in terms of money. Although improved finances are foreseen, you also need to be well aware of places where your re investing your money in.  Don’t rush for doing investments, that you have good amount lying idle in your bank account.

Leo August 2014 for Love and Relationships
Presence of Sun in your 1st house will bring Charm to your personality. You will be more attractive for people around you. Leo August 2014 Horoscope says that Chances are high that someone from your workplace might express his/her crush on you.  Couples who are already in a relationship, let things go smooth and don’t over expect from your partner.

Beware of your health between 21st and 26th of August. Be careful while you drive!

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