Pisces July 2012 Horoscope

All the issues that have been doing rounds secretly at work will be revealed this month. You will get to know your friends and foes soon this July, dear Pisces people. Your colleagues have been taking undue advantage of you since a long time. Now that you know the facts, strategies should be formed accordingly. Later half of the month will ease out most of the pressure you have been experiencing.

Friends and family members will be the focus throughout this July 2012. Someone close will come to you for assistance, both emotional and financial. Though internally you would be tempted to refuse any financial help, it is hereby advised to consider the bond that you share with each other. Who knows tomorrow you might be needing help. Avoid any long travel with family.

Many Pisces people will be saving money more than spending this month. You have now understood the importance of savings when last month’s extravagant spending didn’t leave any money with you by the month end. Don’t invest money this month anywhere except the banks.

Love life will not be very exciting till the 23rd of July. You need to be careful in your talks with your partner. Pay lot of attention on the wordings that you use for your loved ones. Remember, words hurt more than bullets!

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