Aquarius July 2012 Horoscope

Be very careful at work, dear Aquarius people. Think a thousand times before giving your opinion about someone. Its better to stay away from rain when everybody is waiting to throw mud on you. Keep to your work and you will have a satisfactory time in office.

Time is also not very good for couples. There have been issues prevailing between the two of you for a while now. It is always better to take preventive action than finding a cure of the problem. Give time and space to your partner and let her feel his/her freedom. There is no way he/she can stay away from you for long.
Aquarius  singles might find their partner during the end July 2012.

Aquarius people have saved good money till now. Its time to invest it wisely, than spend it carelessly. 

Investment in stocks will give you good returns this month. Keep some money for safe deposits too. Don’t let your lavish lifestyle overpower you and keep a track of your expenses. Help some needy people in form of cash and clothes.

Stomach problems will keep on disturbing you throughout the month. Drink lots of water and be careful of acidic food.

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