Virgo November 2013 Horoscope

This will be a month filled with mixed outcomes. You were feeling a bit low in the last month. You will be back with a bang this month, all energized to face the world! Later half of the month will be good in terms of finances. Travel is on the cards in later half of November 2013.

Virgo November 2013 Horoscope: :Love and Romance
Thanks to the planet Pluto, you are awaiting interesting encounters. All the couples need to differentiate between their personal life and professional life. Responsibilities are high on your shoulders, be composed in your thought process. Time between 11th and 21st is good for love and romance, making new 
acquaintances and friends.

Virgo November 2013 Horoscope: Career
First half of the month will be challenging for service class people. Big responsibilities and time pressure will take all the energy out of you. The second half however will be comparatively easy going. Business people will have to sit long hours at workplace. Avoid making any new agreements between 9th and 16th of the month.

Virgo November 2013 Horoscope: Finance
There are a number of financial opportunities in front of you. Better take advantage of them before it is too late.

Health needs lots of care. Temperature will drain your energy levels. Avoid food with fat content. Stress might also lead to issues in digestion and other stomach related problems.

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