Gemini November 2013 Horoscope

The presence of Sun in your powerful planetary zones gives you strength and energy to achieve your goals. It will be difficult for you to stop before attaining your goals. No doubt, the presence of Venus and Mercury will put you under pressure at work, Sun shall give you optimum support to sail through.

Gemini  November 2013 Horoscope:Love
All singles have the support of Mercury this month. Its presence shall make you open for making new buddies. As part of your nature, you are low on patience. This month however will be a bit difference with Uranus bringing stability in your thoughts. Couples should avoid getting instant provocations and should wait for some time before putting in your point.

Gemini November 2013 Horoscope: Career
The going will be tough at work and business. You need to properly plan your activities and be focused. Chances are high that you get distracted from work because of one cause of the other. Later half of the month however will bring in responsibilities on your shoulders.

Gemini November 2013 Horoscope: Finance
There will be a bit of problem in arranging and keeping money. You need to do some introspection in terms of your finances. The returns that you get don’t match to the investments that you make. It is advisable to take out any money that you have invested in stock market/property. Banks are the safest investment in these turbulent times. Be cautious between 16th and 20th of November. Chances of over spending are very high.

Health will be satisfactory.

You are advised to increase your social interaction. Try taking new initiatives on personal and professional front. Don’t shun away from taking calculated risks in business.

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