Sagittarius October 2013 Horoscope

You have become bored doing the same old process at work again and again. Its time you think of something novel. Don’t be careless doing the routine chores. Money is in your mind since the start of this month itself.

Sagittarius October 2013 Horoscope: Love
October is not the month when you can look out for love and romance. Those already in a relationship will have a tough job at hand maintaining harmony between the two of you. For singles, it is always better to wait for the right time than just jump in at the wrong occasion to express your love. Time after 23rd of October is right for expressing yourself to your loved one.

Sagittarius October 2013 Horoscope Prediction: Career
This is the time to work as a team in office. The new upcoming projects that you are working on need high degree of teamwork. With the kind of work you do diligently, you are seen on high potential list by your seniors. Those in business will find a new partner in your new business.

Sagittarius October 2013 Horoscope: Money
You might not get what you expect, it will however be sufficient enough to fulfill your needs. Your friend/family member might come to you for financial assistance. Remember money and relationships should be handled with care.

Sagittarius October 2013 Horoscope: Health
Your health needs proper care this month. You need to understand the fact that health is the only wealth that remains with you for long. Be careful of what you eat, since it is what makes you.

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