Cancer October 2013 Horoscope

Your main concentration this month will be on developing relationships, especially between the 1st and 3rd week of October. These relationships would help you both in personal and professional matters in the time to come. Occasions and activities will keep you busy with friends and relatives. Now that planetary positions are favoring you, its better to expand your presence and increase your horizon too. The later part of third week when sun moves into your 5th house will be good for you. Enjoy the time, party hard, spend time with yourself.

Cancer October 2013 Horoscope:Love
The focus of Mars on your zodiac sign will make your romantic. If your are single, you will spend time admiring the beauty around you. Who knows you might get lucky this time! Couples will enjoy this romantic time being in the company of each other. Time between 12th and 24th will be full of fun and love. All those who are going through a rough time should keep things simple and give time to the relationship.

Cancer October 2013 Horoscope: Work and Career
Be open to change, dear Cancer people! This is something that has bound you and will keep binding you till the time you yourself understand it. Innovation and implementation are your key areas. Focus on the same and move up the ladder of success. Don’t let the opportunities go unattended. Be vigilant between 21st and 29th of the month!

Cancer October 2013 Horoscope: Money and Finance
Now that you have burnt your fingers in wrong investments, you have started thinking of investing the simple way. That is actually what is needed at this point of time. Don’t be too much a spendthrift. True that you can’t resist material pleasures, try controlling your desires. Its time that you mark a line between things of need and pleasure!

In terms of health and fitness, why not make a routine to do some physical exercise. Don’t be dull, don’t be stubborn!

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