Aquarius October 2013 Horoscope

Last months have not been good for most of the Aquarius people. With the repositioning of Sun, Saturn and Mercury, you will be able to build all the lost ground this month. October 2013 will move fast. There is something fresh on the cards for you this month. So, keep tight!

Aquarius October 2013 Horoscope Forecast: Love
Planets will go that extra mile to fulfill all your desires. Chances are high that you reach near to your loved one. You however might feel a need for more freedom for yourself. The love of your partner might make you feel tied up. Better talk to him/her to work out a amicable solution. Time between 9th and 22nd of October is best for a new relationship to develop.

Aquarius October 2013 Horoscope Prediction: Career
The entrance of Mars in Leo will make the work field more competitive for you. However, backed by the planetary positions of Jupiter and Venus with Mars, you will excel in your work, be it work or business. You will have all the support you want of your teammates and partners. Although people will try pulling you down, don’t let your motivation level dwindle. Try being proactive rather than reactive!

Aquarius October 2013 Horoscope: Money and Finance
Money matters will be satisfactory. Investment in property between 11th and 17th of the month would yield good returns. Keep distance from metals and stocks are short term investment. With Jupiter shining on you, keep doing the good work and results are bound to follow!

Travel is on the cards between 24th and 27th October 2013.

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