Scorpio August 2013 Horoscope, Scorpio Horoscope August 2013

As the month starts for you dear Scorpio people, your energy level will shift to your career development. The entire month will revolve around finding right opportunities in office or in business.  While on the hunting work, your skills and work will be duly appreciated among your colleagues and seniors. While making a move, do consider your career path in the present job.

Time for personal life will be a bit crunched. You will have to find ways and means to spend some quality time with them, especially between 14th to 23rd of August 2013.

Chances are high of getting long lost money to your friends and relatives, which will be surprising to you too!
Do take good care of your words while in public.

Avoid driving fast/rash between 25th and 29th of August.

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