Leo September 2013 Horoscope

This will not be a month that is similar to previous ones’ in terms of increased social interaction. Most of the planets will be moving away from your zodiac in September. No doubt it will create a limitation to your attraction within your group, it will however not have much of an effect on other aspects of your life. Time will be good for any financial transaction or investments. 

Leo September 2013 Horoscope forecast: Love and Romance
Your romantic life is moving from good to great since the last month, thanks to the entrance of Venus to your zodiac. You are being loved by your close ones’ and surprisingly many others are showing high interest in you. This month will be all the more interesting with the entrance of planet Mars around third week. Be prepared for positive surprises!

Leo September 2013 Horoscope forecast: Career
Time is challenging and you should accept it as early as possible in order to prepare yourself for the same. There will not be much of career opportunities coming your way, and to add to that, high degree of pressure and added responsibilities will make your life very hectic. Those in business will have to be very vigilant on the cost incurred at work.

Leo September 2013 Horoscope prediction: Money and finance
Any new investment to be made should be done in the first week itself. Time after the 8th of Sept will not prove profitable to any investments. Last week will bring in good amount of cash flow in the bank accounts of many of you. Don’t be a spend thrift, you might need the money later!

Leo September 2013 Horoscope: Family
An open environment is necessary for a free communication to happen. This will further breed in understanding and respect. Those of you who are longing a sense of respect from your partner should try and give him/her freedom. Time between 16th and 21st of Sept is good for bringing the relationship on track. Don’t miss this train!

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