Virgo February Horoscope 2013

This time for Virgo people is all about love and romance. Love is bound to blossom around you, taking you in its spell. Your planet of expression and openness, Jupiter, is moving towards your zodiac thereby bringing expansion in your thoughts. This is the right time to open up the doors and windows of yourself and let new people come in just life air comes in through open windows, making the atmosphere alive.

Foresight has it that you shall meet someone of a very different nature than yours, and the important thing is that you will be attracted to him/her to the highest extent. 

Those in business need to act calm with your partner on issues related to expansion and investments. Friction of opinion is not acceptable in a partnership.

Time after 16th of February shall require your attention to other important aspects i.e your work and your health. The presence of 6-7 planets in your zodiac altogether might be the cause of the change in your work and health routine. 

As mentioned above, the movement of Jupiter in your zodiac and its strength will also make you inclined towards immovable property. Believe me, you will surely benefit from it, be it for the short duration or long one.

Enjoy the interesting happenings that are going to happen in February and beyond!

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