Scorpio February 2013

You Scorpio people have seen a lot of action in the last 2-3 months in all spheres of your life. Things will not be much different this month too. As sensuous is your zodiac sign, so are you dear Scorpio people. You will not feel any dearth of love and relationships around you. The only difference would be your inability to find the one who could love you whole life. Be cautious of short term romance and one night stands. Chances of you landing in trouble are not ruled out this February.

People engaged in creative profession are bound to benefit in February 2013. Finances too will be good by and large. The third week of month might bring in front of you an investment opportunity that you might take a look at.

Students and career aspirants should utilize their energy in the right direction or you are the one who easily get distracted.

Stomach infection might be a cause of worry. Beware eating outside home.

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