Pisces October 2012 Horoscope

Motivation levels of Pisces people will be on a high during the start of October 2012. The movement of planet Mars towards your 6th house brings in this high level of confidence to face the challenges. You have a very good work related idea cropping in your mind. Better to show some air to it and let it breathe. Work may demand some change in strategy as external and internal environment and changing rapidly.

Those in business have been working hard, yielding unsatisfied returns of their sweat and blood. Second week of October will prove to be incremental in your business development and partnerships.

Things are not going good on the personal front. Unwanted tensions and lack of communications is increasing the barriers between the two of you. Its always better to be rational and solve the issues on table than taking sudden decisions.

Those looking for a job change should be ready for a wonderful opportunity around 27th of the month.

All the very best for a great going month ahead!

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