Libra October 2012 Horoscope

Almost the entire month of October 2012 will revolve around relationships for most of the Libra people. Probability of yours expressing yourself in the second and third week of the month is high with the entry of Venus into your 2nd house.

At work, Libra people will tend to attract a lot of attention through their work and their talks! Presence of Jupiter against Venus is sometimes a matter of concern when you will not be able to control your emotions and pour your heart out, unconcerned about the outcome that might proceed, says the Libra horoscope for October 2012.

Those in business are yet to discover their people side. You have to believe on your people in order to grow in business. Delegate some works to your subordinates and you shall see the positive impact at work.

Finances might be bit of an issue for Libra people. Unwanted expenses at work and sudden increase in personal expenditure will dwindle your budget for the month and might even take away some of your savings too. Don’t invest for short term gains. Be away from stock market, for a month of two specifically.

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