Capricorn October 2012 Horoscope

Capricorn people will see many happenings going on for themselves and for their near ones in October 2012. You, Capricorn people will be high on introspection about their future goals. You have been working quite hard in the last few months, unable to get the expected returns. The same scenario is continuing now too, though you don’t like it!

Time after 25th is very good for most of the Capricorns. You will have established your goals and will follow your dreams till you achieve them. You yourself might not have experienced the sort of dedication and energy in yourself since many months! This motivation level will prove to be a precursor to your target achievement.

At work, things will move smoothly. You will be in good terms with your colleagues and seniors. Chances of a professional tour are not ruled out between 13th and 17th October 2012.

Social life will be rocking for Capricorn people. Outings with friends and team mates will continue throughout the month. Going out with a special person and developing deep feelings for your loved one is also not ruled out.

Have a great going October 2012 ahead dear Capricorns.

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