Taurus August 2012 Horoscope

The presence of Venus around Uranus and Pluto shall make most of the Taurus people a bit aggressive on talks and decisions. You need to take your time and plan before acting on any information.
 Staying calm shall avoid any conflicts at work with colleagues and teammates. Taurus August 2012 horoscope foresees a sensitive period between 12 and 18th of the month.

Time after 22nd is going to be great for Taurus people. The presence of Sun around Virgo brings happiness and energy in and around you. You tend to me more creative and artistic in your actions.

Decisions concerning finance should be either taken before 7th August or the next month. Avoid any major transactions between 11th till 21st, says the Taurus horoscope.

On the personal side, presence of Sun your own house brings lot of revelations to you concerning important people in your life. You and your partner shall have meaningful conversations concerning your future.

Time after 24th is not good for any new proposals concerning a relationship or marriage. Don’t unnecessarily confront your partner. Give him/her enough space and freedom to think by himself. You are hereby advised to carefully read the feelings of your loved ones and act accordingly.

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