Aquarius April 2011 Horoscope, Aquarius April 2011

Aquarius April 2011 Horoscope

Aquarius people will be doing a lot of business travel from the starting of the month itself. At work, Aquarius people will be praised because of their dedication towards their work. There are also high chances of a transfer to some other location, says the Aquarius April 2011 horoscope.

Personal life will not be bad either. Most of you will be planning to buy a new vehicle and many of you will have that desire fulfilled in the later half of the month.

There were a few communication gaps that gave rise to many issues. All these issues will be sorted out during the middle of the month. You need to careful dealing with your neighbours, or even your relatives. Don’t try doing anything away from the way for someone as that will be taken as a tool against you. Aquarius April 2011 horoscope advises you not to lend money to people around you.

Those in personal problems need to give time to your partner and enough space to him/her that he/she can think freely.

Aquarius April horoscope for 2011 wishes for your good health and great luck in the month of April 2011.

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